Waiting For Oprah To Call: Chapter 2 – Why Don’t You Just Get A Job?

In Uncategorized on November 26, 2008 at 6:51 pm

Do you want the official story or the truth?

The official story is that, after a healthy and restorative break from the workforce, I decided to launch a lifestyle website for midlife women in order to channel my background in the technology industry with a keen interest in emerging social media trends in a new and exciting venture.

The truth?  If I had to spend another afternoon folding laundry and matching everyone’s bloody socks while watching Oprah, I was convinced I would go insane.

After years of being told to “just relax”, “come home now, my temperature’s up” phone calls to myhusband, scary drugs I’d rather not think about and bonding with other women over bad coffee during early morning waits at the infertility clinic, I became a proud first-time mom at age 35. My second daughter came home almost five years later.

I was thrilled to have my children and never gave much thought to what I’d do when they got older.  Presumably I imagined they’d stay pre-schooler’s indefinitely.

But then the little one started school and, after a brief honeymoon period during which I relished my new-found freedom (I’d say it lasted two, maybe three days), I found I had too much time on my hands.

“Why don’t you just get a job?” my friends asked.  But I just couldn’t see myself in some nine to five role.

What about after school talks, field trips and PA days?  What about the fact that after five years at home I had no current work experience?  What about my niggling desire, at 45, to shake things up, try something new?  Wasn’t I entitled to a midlife crisis like everyone else?

So I knew I’d have to find my own kind of work.  Something I could do from home, something that interested me and something that would be big, make me rich and get me on Oprah.


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